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For Sale

Want to buy a new boat?

The Hartley Boats Mk 4 Blaze is one of the best performing single-handed dinghies available. The sporty monohull is stylish, comfortable and easy to manage. The rack system extends to 2.48 meters enabling exceptional leverage and ease of handling in all wind conditions. With three different sail plans available the Blaze covers a wide range of crew weights. 

You will not stop grinning from excitement when you are blasting about on the water or competing in a race with this boat.

This boat comes with a 4 year Hartley Boats Warranty and with the team always putting themselves in their customer’s shoes, you are guaranteed the quality, service and satisfaction that you deserve.  Click here to find out more.

Want to try a boat?

Get in touch with one of the Class Association Committee members and a trial of a Blaze can be arranged. 

Looking for a used boat? 

Website Forum


Check out the website forum. It's a great place to post items for sale, and also check out what's available. Click here to go to the website forum for sale page.

Facebook Group


If you don't see much posted on the website forum, head over to the Blaze Facebook group where you may find more for sale posts. Click here to go to the Facebook group.

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