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Heavy winds

In really strong winds - plate up 1/3rd (you should be planing upwind by now anyway) keep the speed on through each tack by not using extreme rudder - steer it through smoothly, keep the maximum speed on in a wide curve tack (not 'snap' tacking it) and do NOT sheet in untill the boat's bow is (well) off the wind and you have the boat flat. And of course practice, practice etc .... The Blaze has extremely good manners but if you do sail in winds that keep most others in the clubhouse .....


Caught in irons?


Plate up and let the bow drop off before sheeting in at all - get a bit of forward movement and then drop the plate to 2/3rds position again


Bow 'up'?

If the bow shows signs of going 'south' get further back and give it a hefty pump or two on the main - might not fit in with your instincts but it is the only way .... simple - bow pops up and off you go. Again there are MANY single-handers that will really run youa merry dance in F6+ especially in waves but the fact you are out there still learning is the sign of a very capable design. Enjoy!


Survival offwind in daft winds?

Mr Rooster is quite right of course - eventually let the kicker off to the limit and the top 40% of the sail will just flog away with much of it going forward round the mast - looks horrible but you will get downwind in control in stupid winds. Mike Lyons

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