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2023 Traveller Series

Yorkshire Dales SC hosted the Blaze Inland Championships, October 2023, which saw the finale of the 2023 Traveller Series play out in some exciting - if chilly - conditions. Travellers had made the journey - arriving from Lee-on-Solent to Aberdeen - to ensure qualification for the Series, and were rewarded with solid winds, a well-organised support team and that inimitable Northern hospitality.

Traveller Series qualification requires participation in a minimum of 3 Championship events, one of which must be Nationals or Inlands.

Thanks must go to all the travellers who make the effort to get their boats on the road to attend the events - the Class lives and breathes by you intrepid and dedicated heroes.

So, without further preamble, the results for the 2023 Blaze Class Traveller Series are:

1st - William Gould - Carsington SC

2nd - Malc Hutchings - Royal Corinthians YC

3rd - Richard Botting - Draycote Water SC

4th - Doug Clow - Island Barn Reservoir SC

5th - Robert Coyle - Royal Corinthians YC

6th - Andy Wilson - Island Barn Reservoir SC

Congratulations to all that qualified.

We look forward to the fresh season of Blaze Traveller Series events, starting at the Eastern Championships in Isle Of Sheppey, (May 2024). We'll endeavour to keep the series scores updated on this dedicated page. Keep checking in...

So, for 2024 we look forward to seeing you - North, South, East and West - coming together for exciting and fun racing and socials. We wish you safe and happy travels!

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