Constitution of the Blaze Class Association (UK)

BLAZE Class Association

Constitution of the Blaze Class Association (UK)

  1. The full title of the Association shall be the BLAZE Class Association (UK).


  1. The objects of the Association are to promote and further the interests of the Blaze and to represent the interests of the owners of Blaze sailboats as follows:

    1. To keep members informed of developments and activities concerning the Class

    2. To liaise with the Design Rights Holder and Official Manufacturer on any matter that may affect the Class design and Specification

    3. To consider any proposals concerning Blaze Class Association Rules

    4. To organize a series of events within the British Isles including the British Open Championships, the British Inland Championship and any additional events; which may contribute to regional or national series.

    5. To administer the Class Association including a members register and bookkeeping accounts


  1. Throughout these rules the following defined terms will be used:

    1. “The National Association” shall mean the BLAZE Class Association (UK).

    2. “The Committee” shall mean the Committee of the National Association, consisting of duly elected committee members and co-opted members.

    3. “Chairman” shall mean a member of the Committee appointed by the Committee to act as Association Chairman and Chairman of the Committee.

    4. “The National Association Rules” shall mean the rules governing the National Association.

    5. “The National Association Register” shall mean the register of members with their addresses, name and number of boat (if applicable).

    6. “The Class” shall mean the class of sailboat designed by Ian Howlett and John Caig and known under the name BLAZE as specified and provided by the Official Manufacturer.

    7. “Official Manufacturer” shall mean the person or business currently appointed by the Design Rights Holder(s) to manufacture and sell the Blaze within the British Isles.

    8. “Owner” and “Joint Owner” shall mean any person or persons, corporation or association entered on the Register as owner or joint owner of a BLAZE.

    9. “Events” are championships, series or individual races organised by the National Association or other clubs or organisation that are recognised by the National Association and may qualify for prizes awarded by the National Association.

    10. “Chairman” shall mean a member of the Committee appointed by the committee to act as Association Chairman and Chairman of the Committee


  1. The following classes of membership shall be recognised:

    1. Full Membership

    2. Associate Membership

    3. Honorary Membership

    4. Official Manufacturer Representative

  2. Full membership shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription, be open to any BLAZE owner or, in the case of joint owners, to any one of them, or in the case of a BLAZE owned by a corporation or organisation, to a nominated representative of that corporation or organisation.

  3. Associate Membership shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription, be open to any joint owner of a British registered BLAZE not being a full member, or to all individuals or clubs interested in the BLAZE Class in Britain.

  4. Honorary Membership shall be open to any person having an interest in the National Association who is proposed  by a Full Member and seconded by at least one member of the Committee and is elected by members at a General Meeting of the National Association.

  5. Members shall be bound by the National Association Rules.

  6. A helmsman entering an Event must be a member of the National Association and sail a BLAZE that meets the Design Rights Holders and Official Manufacturers specification for the Class as well as complying with National Association Rules to qualify for a finishing position as recognised by the National Association.

  7. Each Full Member shall be entitled to one vote at a General Meeting of the National Association, or in a postal vote. Associate, Honorary and Official Manufacturer Representative Members shall be entitled to attend and speak at any General Meeting, but not to vote.


  1. The affairs of the National Association shall be managed by the Committee, which shall be the only body allowed to make recommendations to the National Association for changes in the National Association Rules.

  2. The Committee shall consist of not less than three and not more than ten Full Members of the Association, elected annually at a General Meeting of Members, or by postal vote, as elected Committee Members.

  3. The Committee shall have power to co-opt any person to assist it, whether a Full Member of the Association or not, but such persons shall have no vote in Committee.

  4. No member shall serve on the Committee as an elected Committee Member for more than three years at the end of which period they shall retire or offer themselves for re-election.

  5. The Committee need not fill a vacancy arising in the Committee unless the total number of the Committee has dropped below the minimum of three. Committee Members appointed to fill vacancies shall resign at the next Annual General Meeting and may offer themselves for re-election.

  6. As soon as practical, following the Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall decide how to delegate tasks and responsibilities  necessary for administering the Committee and the National Association, including, but not exclusively:

    1. Elect one of its members to act as Chairman of the Association for the following year.

    2. Elect or appoint a Secretary who will be responsible for:

      1. Minutes and records of all Committee and General Meetings,

      2. National Association membership Register

      3. Communicating the decisions and recommendations of the committee to members of the National Association.

    3. Elect an Honorary Treasurer, who shall control the funds of the National Association, make such disbursements as the Committee shall direct and present an annual financial statement at each Annual General Meeting

  7. At a meeting of the Committee, one third of the elected members shall form a quorum. A minimum of two.

  8. The Committee shall make all eligible members aware  at a general meeting , by post, or by electronic communication directly to all eligible members, all proposals for changes to, or additions to, the National Association Rules. The Committee are allowed to make recommendations to the members relating to proposed changes or additions.

  9. The Committee shall hold a Committee meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting. For any other Committee Meeting, at least three weeks’ notice of the date, place, and agenda must be circulated in writing by the Secretary to each Committee member.

  10. The Committee may conduct its business by written communications circulated  to ALL Committee members and coordinated by the Secretary or another nominated person.

  11. Any Committee member may propose a motion requiring a formal vote by the Committee outside of a Committee Meeting. Any such motion will be circulated by the Secretary to all Committee members clearly indicating that this is a formal motion requiring a response. Any Committee member not responding to such a motion in writing within fourteen days of the date of sending shall be deemed to have agreed to such a motion.

  12. The Chairman will have a casting vote on any issues that require a vote of Committee members.


  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held annually each year between 1st March and 30th November in each year at a place judged by the Committee to be the most convenient to the majority of members. The precise date, time and place tro be at the Committee’s discretion.

  2. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Chairman or Class Association Secretary upon receipt by the Class Secretary of a written request, signed by not fewer that fifteen Full Members of the National Association.

  3. At least four weeks written notice shall be given to members of any General Meeting including circulation of the Agenda and any motions due for voting at the AGM.

  4. Members not able to attend a General Meeting are entitled to send in a postal Vote provided it is received by the Secretary 7 days before the General Meeting

  5. At any General Meeting decisions shall be limited to items on the Agenda, and shall be on the following basis:

    1. Voting shall be by a show of hands plus any postal votes received  prior to the Gneral Meeting, unless a secret ballot is demanded by not fewer than three full members.

    2. Any proposal for changes or additions to the Rules of the National Association shall require a two thirds majority.

    3. All other Agenda items require a majority vote

  6. At any General Meeting the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

  7. Within one calendar month, the Secretary shall make the Minutes or Notes of the General Meeting, including the results of all voting, available to all members. This can be achieved by circulating them to all individual members or publishing the Notes or Minutes on the National Association web site.

  8. In the event of a postal ballot, all return shall be made to the Secretary within two weeks of the date of posting the ballot paper.


  1. The subscription fee payable for all classes of membership of the National Association shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and shall become due on 1st March of the following year. A member joining the National Association after the 31st October, whose subscription has been p[aid for that year, shall not be liable to pay a subscription for the following calendar year.

  2. Any member whose subscription has not been paid within three months of the date due may have their name removed from the list of members of the National Association by the Committee.


  1. The Committee shall keep true and accounts including full particulars of:

    1. All assets and liabilities of the National Association

    2. All sales and purchases by the National Association

    3. All monies received and expended  by the National Association and the reasons for such receipts and expenditure.

  2. The Committee shall prepare an annual financial statement to be presented at every Annual General Meeting of the National Association.

  3. A copy of the annual financial statement, prepared for presentation at a General Meeting shall, not less than fourteen days prior to such General Meeting, be circulated, on request, to every Full Member at the email or postal address currently held for them.


  1. The National Association recognises that the Class is a Single Manufacturer One Design dinghy and that the specification of what constitutes a BLAZE is as defined by the Design Rights Holder and the Official Manufacturer.

  2. The Committee shall:

    1. Report to the Design Rights Holders and Official Manufacturer any issue that arises that the National Association feels may threaten the one-design character of the Class.

    2. Work with the Design Rights Holders and Official Manufacturer to resolve any design issues representing all opinions of the National Association members (whether a majority or minority opinion).

    3. Circulate and make public in writing to all members any information supplied  to the Committee from the Design Rights Holders and the Official Manufacturer relating to design or specification of the Blaze.

    4. Pass on to the Design Rights Holders and Official Manufacturer suggestions for design changes raised by Members and report back any official response to these suggestions.


  1. The Committee, on behalf of the National Association, will organise a series of events within the British Isles including some or all of:

    1. The British Open Championships

    2. The British Inland Championships

    3. National Traveller series

    4. Regional Traveller Series

  2. It may also identify additional events, not organised by the National Association, to which it will add its official support; these being ones which will promote the Class within the  UK sailing population.

  3. The events organised by the National Association will be in accordance with:

    1. The current ISAF Regulations

    2. Any RYA adjustments  to the ISAF Regulations

    3. Any organising club adjustments as detailed in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions

    4. Any National Association event rules as outlined in Schedule A

  4. The National Association will provide official prizes for:

    1. The British Open Championships

    2. The British Inland Championship

    3. National Traveller series

  5. At its discretion it may award prizes to other designated Events.

  6. Any BLAZE that complies with the specification as defined by the Design Rights Holder and the Official Manufacturer as well as any adjustments to that specification as outlined in Schedule A will be eligible to enter an Event and receive a finishing position.


  1. The Committee can arrange promotional activities either in its own right or in conjunction with other persons or organisations  such as other clubs, class associations or the Official Manufacturer.

  2. The eligibility criteria being that the effort and expense  will promote the National Association’s activities, the Class and preferably promote National Association membership.

  3. As part of these activities, the National Association may set up and run a website to promote the National Association and Class. It can sell advertising space to offset the costs of the website and any surplus will be added to the National Association Funds.