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The MARINE 13 Helensburgh Winter Series Blaze Racing

The MARINE 13 HELENSBURGH WINTER SERIES came to an end on a glorious Easter Sunday. Seven boats rallied to the cause for the final day's racing and all was still to play for.

It was good to see Chris Laverty out for his swansong which was curtailed rapidly after a promising start; he broke his tiller extension in the feisty conditions.

A long course was set by RO, Tim Flatman, who ran the racing singlehanded .

Hapless Homer took the shore route to the windward mark just pipping James Miller to it in the pursuing pack, however James soon passed on the long run opting for stronger tide. However HH got him back on the next beat heading for shore then planning into the windward Mark.

Dan Challis and Ali G had a ding-dong battle with Ali coming out on top while Darren Booth soldiered-on with no kicker, enduring all the high wind gybing problems that entailed. Chris T followed and Raf had a wee rest .

In the second race Ali G got a clean start and early lead, hotly pursued by Dan and James in a shorter but even gustier and shiftier race. 4 laps were completed, testing the jockeys to near bursting point. HH, after totally fluffing the start and playing tail-end-Charlie went in to get working on the results, only to be locked out the club.

Worthy of mentions were Chris T and Raf who, despite countless capsizes, carried on to the bitter end in a huge display of determination - hats off to them.

So, a great series came to an end. Hapless Homer managed to hang on to his delicate lead, winning the MARINE 13 bag from the ever-pushing Ali G and Dan who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively They recieve boots and gloves as reward.

James Miller was recognised for his contribution to the racing - whilst injured he still came out on rescue and RO until fit to race again.

Darren Booth was awarded the Marine 13 towel for his aquatic exploits, though Chris and Raf's performance in that departmentt on the last day racing was commendable.

9 boats entered the whole series and 11 in total sailed at one point or another (with day entries allowed).

What next?

The Thursday night series starts in a fortnight, competing for the Odyssey Blaze Cup (which combine thurs and and b results) with introduction of 2 jokers to be played allowing half points to be scored.

The 8th of June sees the Blaze Scottish Championship with Class Association backing and sponsorship with Marine 13 contributions in addition.

Full Series Scores

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