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Fitting Guide

Designed in the late 1990s by Ian Howlett the Blaze is a high-performance single-handed dinghy. The wide racks give the sailor plenty of leverage to control the 10m2 sail and allow for planning upwind in most conditions.

The Blaze is a SMOD class, meaning there are very slight variations between the different versions of the boats. However, the variations are mainly hardware-based. The class has seen many cases of the MK1 versions being restored and upgraded to MK4 layouts and still being as competitive as the newest boat in the fleet.

All of the below fittings are available from Hartly Boats - The builder of the MK4 Blaze. Give them a call or go to their online chandlery 


The Kicker is an important tool in the Blaze and can unleash a lot more speed from the boat if played correctly. It’s important that your kicker system is running smoothly, and it's advised that regular checks are taken. The blocks and rope in this system are put under some of the highest loads on the boat.

The Blaze requires no more than a 16:1 ratio on the kicker, if you increase this you will soon find you run out of travel. 

Top block – A2030HL – 30mm High Load Single.

Second block – A2020 – 20mm Dynamic Single.

Third block – A2022 – 20mm Dynamic Double.

Bottom block – A2030HL – 30mm High Load Single.

Deck mounted blocks – 2 x A2020 – 20mm Dynamic Single. (Use one of the many available Lacing Eyes from Allen to attach the block to the mast base.)


Kicker Tang

Carbon mast – Use a length of Dyneema attached to the mast step to create a loop around the mast. Attach the bottom Kicker cascade block with a 5mm D shackle – A-621105 - to the loop using a 30mm high load thimble - A..87-30 - to allow the kicker cascade to swing from side to side but keeping an even tension throughout.

Aluminium Mast – If the above option isn’t possible with your Aluminium Mast then attach a stainless steel mast tang - A4141 – to the mast foot with rivets.


Control Line Cleat

The ideal choice for this application is the A.677-497 – Small Allenite Cam Cleat With Mega Pro-Lead. This cleat is lightweight and plenty strong enough to handle the loads of the Blaze. The Mega Pro-Lead will guide the control line into the cleat whilst you’re out on the racks with minimal friction and wear.  You also want to ensure you have an A4665 - Wire Under Fairlead – installed into the cleat to help guide the rope coming from the mast foot block, especially important if you are using a cleat lift - A.193 - or a Pro-Lead wedge -A1397 – to help the rope over the rack.

Take Up System (continuous control line) 

As the take-up system has no real load these blocks are a personal preference, dynamic ball bearing blocks will reduce friction more than a plain bearing block.

Rear rack block – A2025 or A2025P – 20mm Triple

Front rack block – A2020 or A2020P – 20mm Single

Floating rack block – A2020 or A2020P – 20mm Single

Middle deck mount – A.282 – Open Base Fairlead


To reduce friction further, instead of running the control line through the open base fairlead, try adding a 20mm block via a D shackle instead. 


Mainsheet System

The key to a good dinghy mainsheet system is for it to be as frictionless as possible when sheeting in but as grippy as possible when easing out to reduce fatigue for the sailor.

Bridle slider – A..87-25 – 25mm High Load Thimble.

Bridle block – A2040Tii – 40mm Tii-On Block

Boom end block – A2040Tii – 40mm Tii-On Block

Ratchet block – A2360Wave – 60mm Wave X2 AutoRatchet

Coupling the A2040Tii with the A..87-25 will give the smallest and lightest form factor, vital to ensure maximum sheeting angle is achieved. By also using the A2040Tii on the Boom end, you can ensure you get the block as close as possible to the boom to maximise space between the rear mainsheet blocks.



There are a few different ways you can set up the Cunningham on the Blaze. The following 8:1 purchase system also includes a take up for the bottom eye on the tack of the sail. You will need to be able to splice rope for this setup. If you are not able to splice rope, you can drop the A2020Tii and A8608 on the Cunningham tale and use the eyes on the sail and a bowline instead. 

Top block – A2020Tii – 20mm Tii-On Single

Gooseneck block – A2020Tii – 20mm Tii-On Single

Bottom block – A2020Tii – 20mm Tii-On Single

Sail attachment – A8608 – 8mm Dog Bone

Deck mounted blocks – 2 x A2020 – 20mm Dynamic Single.



A simple setup on the Blaze as a continuous line is not required.

Gooseneck boom block – A2020 – 20mm Dynamic Single.

Boom Lacing Eye – A4388 – Pressed Stainless Steel V Style



Being able to control the centreboard height from the racks is one of the Blazes user-friendly features. Ensuring the board lifts and lowers as easily and quickly as possible will save the sailor time and energy at mark rounding’s as well as making it possible to play the height of the board when flat hiked on the racks.

Centreboard blocks – 2 x A2022 – 20mm Dynamic Double Block

Blocks mounted at mast base – 2 x A2026M – 20mm Dynamic Single Cheek Block

Control line guide – 2 x A4282 – Open Base Fairlead with Stainless Steel Inner

Rack trampoline block – A2020 – 20mm Dynamic Single

Front rack tube block – A2020LZ – 20mm Dynamic Stand-Up Single

Deck mounted block – A2020 – 20mm Dynamic Single

Deck lacing eye - A4388 – Pressed Stainless Steel V Style


Mast & Shroud Fittings

Shroud Vernier Adjuster – A4272

Clevis Pin – AFCP512

Aerovane Mast Head – A..71

Aerovane Lower Mast Mounted – A..71M

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