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BLAZE Class Association AGM 12th June 2021

Meeting commenced at 6.27 p.m.

Richard Botting welcomed all members and introduced Richard Hartley, Chairman of Hartley Boats.

Richard reminded members to be respectful and calm during the meeting.

1. There were no apologies.

2. Richard informed members that the 2019 AGM minutes had been posted online. Approved by Mike Bell and seconded by Malcolm Hutchings.

3. There were no matters arising.

4. Chairs Report by Richard Botting: The last two years have been challenging with no Nationals or Inland events. Inlands were run in 2019 and some events held in 2020 with a couple in 2021 before the Nationals. Hopefully as covid restrictions are lifted, we can get more events scheduled.

b. Treasurers Report by Hugh Kingdom Hugh advised that the accounts had been posted online. Some income had been spent on building a new website and purchasing some perpetual trophies. Membership fees had been reduced due to the covid pandemic. There is currently about £6,000 in class funds. Accounts accepted by David Entwistle and seconded by Mike Shreeve. The membership then thanked Hugh, who will not be re-standing, for all his hard work.

c. Events and Marketing Report by Ben Harden: Ben reported that the class had good numbers at events. More specific marketing and training needed.

5. Election of Committee: Secretary – Richard Botting Treasurer – Tye Wichard Events – Ben Harden Marketing – Ben Harden Training – Eden Hyland Technical – Eden Hyland PR – Ben Harden Website - Ben Harden & Andy Maw (an absence)

Regional Reps: Southwest – Nick Ripley North – Tim Heaton East – Nick Tolhurst Midlands – Mike Shreeve South – Bill Springer [Type here] [Type here] Page 2 of 2 6. Motions for Voting

a. Changes to constitution to allow future AGM’s to be run online – all approved. Richard proposed calling an EGM at the Inlands to amend the Class Constitution to add in inclusion and diversity. Also, to recognise the Halo and Fire sails.

b. Class subscription fee (for 2022) - £20 per member – all approved

c. Honorary Life President – Paul Taylor – all approved

AGM closed at 6.48 p.m.

Richard then gave the floor to Richard Hartley. Richard Hartley thanked the sailors for the warm welcome. He felt that the Blaze fleet was a vibrant and lovely class and he had been made to feel very welcome. He was extremely pleased that we had over 70 entrants this Nationals and his aim was to have 100 next year. He then gave some background to his position as rights owner and the decision over the new sail. Hartley Boats are going to promote the boat at the various boats shows and he wants to encourage more women into the class. Richard then offered £2,000 off a new boat for the next 6 months or so.


Richard Botting reminded members to complete the forms handed out at registration. He has also produced a set of rules which will be online and will be in force from 1st January 2022. Discussion was then held regarding the sail and whether the sail names should be changed to sail size numbers rather than Blaze, Halo and Fire. One suggestion was that the Blaze insignia was different colours for different sail sizes. Discussion also revolved around PY for the Fire sail however this would require clubs to complete their handicap returns. Richard felt that this could be discussed at the EGM.

Richard thanked all members and the discussion meeting closed at 7.15 p.m.

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