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Blaze Class is on the up...

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

...But we can't keep it moving without YOUR help.

For those of you lucky enough to have feasted on the Blaze Nationals and AGM this year, you'll have witnessed Richard Hartley emoting about his ambition for expansion of the Class.

As the newly-united Class Association committee, we have to say, we're on-board with that.

We're excited to have inherited a flourishing Class, and aim to do justice to the platform we've been gifted. But, as you also might've gathered from the AGM, the committee team is at least one wheel short of a trolley. Yes, we need members (that's YOU) to unleash your hidden Legend and join us.

To keep the Blaze calendar flipping over with more great championships, we need you to lend your support to the team. This doesn't mean 'organising all the events', it means helping us be excellent in doing so. Do you have a keyboard and a passion for your Class? You're the one!

Help us discover our Class potential. Get in touch through Facebook or Don't be THAT member that just scrolls-on - make it happen.

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