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Closing out the Blaze season in Sunny Scotland

By Mark Homer.

So, another season comes to a close and the Odyssey Blaze Autumn Series at Helensburgh SC came down to the wire on Sunday (5th Nov). Despite only 3 boats coming out, they put on a great display of Blaze racing in lightish conditions. The three boats never far apart with all having a shot in the lead. But by some quirk of fate, Hapless Homer fluked two firsts with lucky puffs on final runs in both races! Dan Challis trenchered-on despite the rain shower, arguably robbed of victory, as was James Miller - 3rd and 2nd respectively in both races.

Hapless Homer narrowly took the series, with Dan - who could easily have won had fate smiled on him - and James having left his series charge too late, came in fourth overall, counting 2 DNS behind Grant Simpson just ahead in third. Darren Booth had some good results too, but DNS scores put him back to 5th.

7 boats actually took part at one time or another though only 5 entered.

Hopefully we'll see more out in the forthcoming open winter series at HSC, sponsored by Marine 13 with visitors too! Further details to come - usually starting 1st weekend of Feb and going through until the end of March. Two races every Sunday and very reasonable entry fee including storage for the duration .

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