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Helensburgh SC Blaze Open report - Sat 10th June

Helensburgh Sailing Club open Blaze regatta

Report by Mark Homer.

Blazing sunshine constant 19 knots with gusts to 24 provided excellent and very challenging conditions for the assembled 6 boats; the 7th withdrawing through illness. Sadly no visitors took the opportunity to join in

. Racing provided by PRO Blaze sailor James Miller was as slick as his Blaze sailing with no wasted time.

Racing a windward leeward course provided great challenge in the boisterous winds and gave everyone a chance to shine.

Youngsters Jake Miller and Andrew Homer had a ding-dong battle throughout and their agility was a delight to see. It’s was no walk in the park for them, however as all in the fleet pushed hard with incredibly close racing , hapless Homer senior could have won the regatta when leading at the final gate seconds after Jakes capsize , however, HH woosed out of gybing as already having 7 capsizes to his credit had nothing left in the tank . Andy Homer pounced at the opportunity, threw in his gybe along with Grant Simpson to take a hard-fought win and second respectively. This last race had been particularly gruelling with a full 4 laps and the 4 leading boats all taking turns at head of the fleet. Unfortunately, Andy Lewin, who had been a top contender, suffered gear failure but still got round. Jake and Andrew tied on equal points and positions with the tie decided in Andrew's favour - not bad for the duo's first Blaze regatta, and second time out !!!!

In the conditions, it was a great achievement for all. Darren Booth had his moments of glory in the first race but this previous local race winner unfortunately was not to have his day, nor his shoulder.

Spills and thrills aplenty - all won their water-wings. GREAT DAY!

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